Silly, sarcastic and snarky outlines of various works of fantasy and science fiction.

The Xenogenesis Trilogy, by Octavia Butler
The romantic misadventures of Lillith-san and Nikanj-chan. Okay, no it actually isn't, but there are tentacles and more problematic consent issues than a dozen shojo manga romances.

Pawn of Prophecy, by Dave and Leigh Eddings
Just another one of those Whiny Chosen Teen Protagonists finding himself in the middle of one of those titanic struggles between good and evil.

An Oblique Approach, by David Drake and Eric Flint
A time traveler seeks the aid of a Byzantine general to combat the forces of another, extremely evil time traveler.

Thendara House, by Marion Zimmer Bradley
The second book in the Renunciate sequence of Bradley's Darkover novels. Magda joins the Renunciates and Jael discovers that Magda had a good reason for divorcing her husband.

Crystal Singer, by Anne McCaffrey
In which Our Heroine makes a series of really impulsive, overwhelmingly stupid life choices yet always ends up on top of the situation.

Dragonflight, by Anne McCaffrey
Our Heroine spends ten years on her plan to retake her Hold, and then throws it away for the possibility of being chosen by a dragon! Then stuff happens.

Elfquest: Journey to Sorrow's End, by Richard and Wendy Pini
The descendents of  Magic Ancient Astronauts struggle to reach a possible haven. Or, Cutter is the Worst Diplomat Ever

Elfquest: The Forbidden Grove, by Richard and Wendy Pini
Cutter goes on a quest to find other elves! Unfortunately, there's some evidence that other elves have already found the Sun Village.

Dreamsnake, by Vonda McIntyre
Due to a tragic misunderstanding, healer loses the alien snake she was using as a sedative so she could operate on her patients. Stuff happens.

Gossamer Axe, by Gael Baudino
Our Heroine attempts to find out if rock and roll can save her girlfriend's immortal soul.