Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sekrit Rools: The Belgariad and Mallorean by David and Leigh Eddings

Originally posted: May. 28th, 2004 at 10:36 PM

The following is a parody for humor purposes only: it is not an in-depth analysis. For a definition of "Sekrit Rool" go here

Distantly related to "Sekrit Rools of the Horseclans wherein I gently, yet lovingly mock Robert Adams (In his own words, paraphrased) "Goddamn horse barbarian novels"

This time, I mock David Eddings...

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Best Obscure Fantasy Series EVER, the Kencyr novels of P.C. Hodgell

Currently being reprinted by Baen Books as The God Stalker Chronicles and Seeker's Bane.

Original version posted Apr. 18th, 2008 at 10:42 PM in another journal.

The God Stalker Chronicles

Seeker's BaneThe Kencyrath novels by P.C. Hodgell does the usual fantasy heroine with a Speshul Destiny, Daughter of a magical race dedicated to killing the Big Bad, and then turns everything upside down and bassackwards in the BEST possible ways. There's a lot of Fritz Lieber in this series, with a touch of Chas Adams and H.P. Lovecraft thrown in as an accent. It has Wry Humor, Rains of Frogs, Exasperated Earth Goddesses, Undead Poultry, Gender Neutral Heroines, Telepathic Kitty Cats, Snark, Humorously Inept Yet Still Dangerous Villains, Pissy Psychotic Meat-Eating Unicorns, Arboreal Drift, Absentminded Professors, Alarums and Excursions, Philosophical and Existential Crises, Reality Hacking, Crossdressing Innkeepers, Deeply Disturbing Imagery, and Chairs that Eat People.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Ender in Exile, by Orson Scott Card

Tor Books, 384 pgs.
Ender in ExileIf you are a fan of Orson Scott Card, you might like it, or, if you are a fan and believe this series has jumped the shark, then you might not like it. If you are a former fan and stopped reading him because his opinions on human sexuality and society annoy you, you might not like it. If you agree with his opinions on human sexuality and society, you still might not like it because you believe this series jumped the shark somewhere around Xenocide If not earlier. Then again, you might like it anyway. Because it is essentially a three hundred sixty nine page propaganda pamphlet promoting the evils of single parenthood, and describing how only heterosexual monogamy ensures the stability of society, and should be maintained at all costs.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Love, Time and Other Complications, Chrono Crusade by Daisuke Moriyama

Previously posted in another journal, Dec. 1st, 2008 at 2:51 PM

Chrono Crusade is an eight volume manga and twenty four episode anime by Daisuke Moriyama. The setting is America during the late 1920s, and chronicles the adventures of Rosette Christopher, a fifteen year old exorcist of the Magdalen Order, and her demon partner Chrono.

Cell Phone Zombies and Coffin Princesses, World Embryo by Moriyama Daisuke

I have the sneaking suspicion that Moriyama reads Stephen King. First, we have the alien space devils of Chrono Crusade, who at a glance could be taken to be Tommyknockers. Second, we have the Kanshu monsters that spread via cell phones. (Okay, the devils only vaguely resemble Tommyknockers due to certain back story implications and the ship is under water--my meta dumps it at the bottom of Hudson Canyon, because I am a Diane Duane fan, and loved Deep Wizardry--instead of buried somewhere in Maine so the connection is very tenuous and also probably exists only in my mind. And the only thing the Kanshu really have in common with Cell is that cell phones are the vector through which they infect people.)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Outline of Xenogenesis (Lilith's Brood) Trilogy by Octavia Butler

Based off of the incredibly brilliant "Movie in 15 minutes" by Cleolinda

This is an Outline, not a serious review, meant for parody and humor purposes only.
Originally posted in another journal, Apr. 10th, 2006 at 2:24 PM

Other Outlines can be found here

Lilith's BroodThe Xenogenesis/Lilith’s Brood trilogy took me a while to really get into. I think the main reason was that the cover art of the first edition of Dawn has poor Lilith looking like a white woman instead of a black woman. I also didn’t entirely agree with the gender dynamics as presented by the author.  Another problem was that Butler tried very hard to keep from having the setting be a specific time period, so there were absolutely no pop/cultural indicators (in other words, no one is making sf geek jokes about BEMs, no one missed certain favorite fast food franchises, movies or books). The trilogy grew on me as I read more of Butler’s other books, until they became my favorites. (It helps that post-apocalyptic novels have always been a favorite of mine.) 

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sekrit Rools: The Dragon Riders of Pern, by Anne McCaffery

The following is a parody for humor purposes only: it is not an in-depth analysis. For a definition of "Sekrit Rool" go here

Originally posted Nov. 8th, 2008 on livejournal 

I mock because I love. Dragonriders of Pern was one of the first sf  series I read when I was a kid. It was only much later that I realized  how brain-breaky the series could be. (I personally think that the first  two are great, and I still kind of like the Harperhall trilogy.) 

Sunday, May 10, 2009

And We Are Go

This looks like a fairly simple set up. I have several blogs elsewhere under a different name. I might re-post cleaned up and edited versions of some of my reviews and rants from those journals.